SHViewPager: Android like view pager control for iOS Version 2.0 finally!

It has been almost or, more than 2 years I had created this controller called SHViewPager. And to my utmost surprise a lot of people actually got benefited from it. Some of them requested for the support for screen orientation and iPad. I was a bit busy (actually lazy! sorry guys, truly!)  to keep the request. Finally after a long wait, I was thinking, why am I not doing it?

So, I got my lazy ass moving and got it done. Now, the SHViewPager supports:

  • All orientations
  • iPad

And it got even better, with:

  • Support for both Swift and Objective-C
  • Support for Autolayout
  • Simple installation via Cocoapods!

To use it in your app, you have to have Xcode 6+ and support iOS 8+. Here is a gif sample:

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I am planning to keep supporting this library, so any feedback/suggestions are welcome. If you have found any bug, please report an issue for it. This library is under MIT license, so contribute, update, modify as per your need!

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